Founded in 1962 in Scorzè in the outskirts of Venice, and later moved on to the neighborhood of Salzano, LEUCOS soon became a leader in glass decorative lighting thanks to its ability in exploring different contemporary creative and manufacturing possibilities. Architects and designers, from diverse cultural backgrounds, have always found and still find in LEUCOS an excellent company able to merge an experienced glass craftsmanship with industrial processes and the most reliable technologies.

Although faithful to a culture of great tradition, LEUCOS is a dynamic force evolving steadily, capable of accepting and welcoming every challenge and unique idea with the aim of interpreting them with the most updated techniques: that’s how clean designed products are created to survive the times and live long as real icons of glassmaking art in the world of decorative light.


In 2015, the historic Venetian brand was purchased by RARA RES, an holding belonging to Italian entrepreneur Riccardo Candotti, who defines the company’s mission as: “To create value in the world of lighting with the contribution of a passionate workforce, who are inspired by “well being” and “well living”, promoting then best Italian lifestyle for a better quality of light to improve qualityof life.

The new company course guaranteed the quick come back of two classic brands, belonging to the genes of the company: iTRE and MURAnOdueGALLERY.

In fact, besides Leucos, synonym of international excellence in lighting design with glass, iTRE and MURAnOdueGALLERY are also ambassadors of a recognizable, unique and consistent style.

Collection MURAnOdueGALLERY re-interprets the classic styles of the Murano glassmaking tradition. Elegance and value merge for unique creations, handmade with blown or cast glasses, often enriched by precious textiles and essences.

For over 40 years iTRE has its own clear identity that shows up in up to date design where quality, technology and design blend together perfectly. Since 1975 iTRE has constantly followed the evolution of taste and requests from the markets and offers an architectural style that fulfills the need of a wide target, mostly oriented to residential and hospitality. iTRE is now the ground for our “experimentation” and uses the widest range of materials, from metals and polymers to textiles and composites.

All brands are focussing increasingly to respect our environment and energy saving initiatives through extensive use of LED and last generation alternatives.
Everything is perfectly tuned with the goal that Riccardo Candotti envisions for LEUCOS: the creation of “ADORABILI LAMPADE”, which is “LEUCOS lovable lamps!




Since its beginnings in 1962, LEUCOS has gained a leading role in creating lighting fixtures with glass, thanks to a seamless research of new techniques aimed to pushing the limits of this ancient material. For any architect and designer of different cultural backgrounds, LEUCOS is a company that welcome their innovative ideas and morph them into stylish products that often become icons of glassmaking.


MURAnOdueGALLERY gets inspiration from the Past and infuse it with new energy. Thus, classic styles merge with a contemporary taste and cohabit with an extraordinary collection of historic pieces, re-enactions of thousand- years-old tradition of Venetian glassmaking art. Unique for elegance and value, MURAnOdueGALLERY lamps feature amazing blown or hand made glass, enriched with precious fabrics or details.


During 40 years iTRE stated its identity creating trendy designs with a successful mix of quality, technology and clean lines. Since 1975, ITRE constantly improved and grew by adapting to market needs and tastes, and currently offers a decorative architectural style for a wide audience, mostly ranging from residential to hospitality. Lately, its catalog embraced best sellers previously belonging to sister brands Aureliano Toso, Alt Lucialternative and Murano Due, thus exploring the potential of new materials as opposed to glass. As a consequence, its passion for research and use of most innovative technologies in engineering and production furtherly improved.


JJ is the most widespread heir of the iconic lamp designed in 1937. Archetype of all task lamps with spring-balanced arm, JJ is a true icon of lighting design with a timeless charme. LEUCOS re-edits JJ in a wide range of dimensions and options that emphasize the rigorous aesthetics and the cleanliness of its forms. now it is also available in brand new finishes as well as “on request” colors allowing for exclusive, one-of-a-kind customization. The secret of its never ending success is a large use of aluminum, trendy and sustainable material. JJ perfectly blends functional design and technology: its minimal, clean lines make it the perfect accent for homes, furnishing for hospitality as well as a functional solution for offices.
THE GREAT JJ, its blown up version spanning 4.2 mt (14 ft), offers a powerful visual impact, becomes protagonist of its environment and strongly affirms its identity of cult among lovers of contemporary design.