Riccardo Giovanetti


The Abbey Wall Lamp is made with a traditional Murano handblown glass technique called incamiciato (Italian for “jacketed” or “layered”), where a Maestro builds up layers on their pontil or punti by dipping it in different types of molten glass. Created on a white interior layer of glass, the Abbey comes with either a white or grey exterior layer of glass creating 2 finish options (white/white or white/grey). Its angled, hand-cut edge shows the beauty of these multiple layers of glass while emitting both up and down light. The result is a stunning piece of glass art that is gorgeous in a home, commercial or hospitality setting.

  • Available with a white interior layer of glass with either a gray or white exterior layer of glass
  • Compact overhang (ADA compliant) appropriate for your residential or contract space
  • Brushed steel frame
  • Handblown in small batches by a Maestro in the Veneto region of Italy

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