Recessed Downlight


Timeless design objects merge pure originality with thoughtful innovation. Unique pieces that remain over time in our collective memory growing more and more into design icons, exclusive to Leucos.


Design objects of light, that explore the space between ancient craftmanship and technological innovations, cleverly combine form, geometry, materials, and technologies with expert craftmanship to create unique pieces that are at once functional, versatile and elegant.


Classic style, contemporary spirit. This collection takes inspiration from classic design history while simultaneously acknowledging new trends and innovation. Art and technology masterfully come together to create a new collection for LEUCOS.


A collection of innovative recessed downlights, different materials expertly combine to offer a versatile solution for every need. Decorative recessed lights, thanks to Leucos’s rich glass history, add genuine crystal details that take advantage of the elegant and dazzling effects of this ancient material. Metal recessed lights, available in a wide array of styles, combine functionality with diverse lighting possibilities. Invisible recessed lights, able to be installed in drywall, vanish from sight leaving only the pure expression of light.

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